What We Do

 Strategic Focus

The Stewards of Lac La Biche Watershed will work to ensure that all interest groups concerned about Lac La Biche will:

  1. Have access to information regarding the environmental, social and cultural resources associated with the lake;
  2. Be informed about management policies, regulations and guidelines applicable to Lac La Biche – and any associated issues; and,
  3. Be aware of the opportunities to participate in stewardship and planning processes affecting Lac La Biche.

Where there is interest in activities that can enhance the health of Lac La Biche, the Stewards of Lac La Biche Watershed may assist in establishing projects to undertake those activities.

Who We Serve

The intent of Stewards of Lac La Biche Watershed is to involve a wide range of interest groups and stakeholders. We plan to solicit members and directors representing various organizations, such as:

  • Community Associations/ Residents Associations
  • Fishing/Angling Organizations
  • Rod and Gun Clubs
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Naturalists Groups
  • Real Estate Associations
  • Local, Regional and/or Provincial Environmental Organizations
  • Other regional watershed organizations
  • Boating Groups
  • Motorized and Non-motorized Recreational Groups
  • Resort and Campground Associations
  • Forest and Energy Industry
  • Others as identified

Geographic Area Covered by our Work

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????The geographic area covered by the Stewards of Lac La Biche Watershed includes all the land that drains to Lac La Biche, including the Owl River subwatershed.  This area is located within Lac La Biche County and the County of Athabasca and includes the Hamlet of Lac La Biche.

The area covers about 4,330 km2 including the Owl River, with a drainage area of about 3,080 km2 and the immediate drainage basin of the lake with an area of 1,250 km2.
The geographic scope covered by our work may expand as the organization evolves.