Stewards of Lac La Biche Seeks Coordinator

On December 13, 2014 by Lindsay

Lac La Biche, the watery namesake for our county, provides a great asset to residents and visitors alike.  It is a popular spot for birders and recreational boating, and is a source of water for agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, and domestic and municipal users.

Everyone who swims, fishes, or uses water from Lac La Biche is invited to participate in a new initiative to maintain the lake and surrounding watershed’s long-term health and values.  A new community-based organization has formed under the name “Stewards of Lac La Biche Watershed.”  This group aims to include representatives from a cross-section of the community who share an interest in maintaining a healthy lake, and will work to develop a stewardship, monitoring and outreach program for the area.

A vision for the lake and the lands that drain into it has already been set out in the Lac La Biche Watershed Management Plan, released in 2009.  However, to date, many of the important recommendations in that plan have not been implemented.  One of the objectives of the Stewards of Lac La Biche Watershed is to help achieve the vision of that plan.

Stewards of Lac La Biche Watershed is seeking an enthusiastic individual to hold the key staff role of Program Coordinator in their organization. Working cooperatively with the municipality, the Province and other stakeholders, the Program Coordinator will be responsible for implementing and overseeing all aspects of the program, including water quality and quantity monitoring, outreach and education, restoration and maintenance, and program administration.  The Coordinator position will provide an exciting opportunity to help create a new model for sustaining water stewardship work through grassroots initiatives aimed at watershed planning, monitoring and community engagement.  Individuals with a background in natural resource science and non-profit management are encouraged to apply.

Funding for this position will be provided thanks to the Alberta Real Estate Foundation and EcoAction Canada (a Community Funding Program of Environment Canada).

For more information about the Stewards of the Lac La Biche Watershed, contact the Interim Steering Committee via, OR stop in at the Lac La Biche County offices, OR see our website  –  coming soon.