Events and Activities

The Stewards of Lac La Biche Watershed is planning a variety of activities for disseminating information related to lake stewardship, building interest in stewardship, and providing opportunities to directly participate in stewardship activities.

2016 Activities Will Include:

* Conducting Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping (SHIM) of the Lac La Biche shoreline.
* Involving community volunteers in a water quality monitoring program
* Public outreach and education through various media (e.g., newspapers, radio, social media)
* Workshops with a cross-section of interest group representatives to encourage dialogue among various groups regarding stewardship issues
* Supporting the development of relevant stewardship projects (e.g., control of invasive species, habitat restoration, wetland conservation)


If you have ideas for activities you’d like to see in the Lac La Biche area, contact us at: